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“Wild, built of child-like adventurous joy, Treehouse is no doubt a reflection of its name. With xylophonic fits of mania and a tag team of vocalists, Treehouse plays a visceral style of Revivalist Pop . Take me down to the water and wash my sins away while Animals plays in the background. This track off their recently released album entitled Salt Upon Stones is enchanting with its stumbling piano and stripped vocals.”

“Each of the eight tracks on the album are filled with surprises; songs like Carousel and Acorns follow an initial subdued or heartfelt trajectory, and then unexpectedly devolve into something distinctly different.”

“Though these transitions are anything but seamless, they never once bring about a moment of pause. Selfish displays a certain volatility – an unbridled, youthful, campfire sing-a-long verve. It is an element echoed throughout the album on several tracks, which lends Salt Upon Stones multi-dimensional emotional IQ.”

 -Marni Epstein of Deftunes Music


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